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Exploration: File Archive Sync Tool (FAST)

Our product team is currently exploring a product that would provide a backup automation environment for small businesses that need to protect critical information that is located across multiple machines. If developed, the product would leverage a robust cloud infrastructure and support operation in high security environments.

Several capabilities being considered include: 

  • A uniform backup approach for both Windows and Linux servers and workstations.
  • Easy migration between servers using a hot swap based approach, and
  • Integration with existing business infrastructure,
  • Freeing up local and remote storage requirements by:
    • Culling information that is outdated and/or no longer relevant,
    • Pruning incremental content, and
    • De-duplicating files and directory structures

Please contact us at the number at the top of this page if you are interested in learning more about this product.

SITE SBIR Phase I and II

CohesionForce developed a knowledge management system to increase team collaboration, content management, and M&S tool integration for the MDA under a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I/II program.  The goal of the research was to decrease system integration time for enterprise modeling and simulation environments.  

The SITE project extended the Kohese Knowledge Management System (KMS) that had been initially developed under CFI IR&D funding to support advanced Process Management, Distributed Team Collaboration, and Content Management capabilities.

  • Project Management
  • Configuration and Data Management
  • Model Based Content Conversion

Kohese is a model-based content management system that provides easy integration of corporate or project information into a unified environment. This gives project team members the ability to collaborate and integrate knowledge that is critical to understanding and managing complex systems.

Project team members are often required to collaborate using independent, specialized tools that are not integrated and work poorly together. This causes several problems:

  • Lost project development time and responsiveness while trying to identify the correct version of authorized decisions and artifacts
  • Conflicting guidance across the work product
  • Inconsistent results due to use of incorrect versions of decisions and artifacts
  • Lost time reinventing work products that already exist       

As a result, users of complex systems do not achieve the best value from:

  • The Right Product
  • At the Lowest Cost
  • At the Time of Mission Need

A Unified Environment for Project Team Collaboration and Knowledge Integration

A Modern Approach To Data Analysis

Through our years of progress in the development of large scale systems, we have experienced the pain
of attempting to assess the behavior of these systems through the analysis of the data they produce.
This paper provides an approach using modern open source technology to solve the problem of
distributed data analysis.

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