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Our Center of Excellence

We’ve invested over two decades acquiring knowledge and experience in areas important to our people, partners, and customers. The time has been well spent, providing technical excellence in areas critical to our business and the missions we support. 

Today, the scope of our technical expertise is represented by a set of core competencies that we leverage across four business areas:

cohesion [kōhēZHən]


To form a united whole

Product Development

Better. Faster. Less Expensive.

We develop advanced mission critical systems that aide and enable teams working on complex problems. Our advanced solutions are designed, developed, and implemented using a Model Driven Architecture (MDA) and Model Driven Development(MDD) framework. With this approach, our solutions can evolve in response to future hardware capabilities and software platforms that emerge as computing infrastructures expand. 

With CohesionForce Product Development on your team, your system development program will benefit from and leverage existing CohesionForce technology investment that enables a system integration strategy that is less expensive, mitigates risk, and provides for more agility. (Plus, we believe you will really enjoy working with our team of innovative and experienced professionals that will help you get the job done right!)

CFI Shared Services

How Your Small Business Achieves DoD Compliance & Operational Success

Our company is preparing for a change in its operational philosophy with the introduction of Shared Services.

Our Shared Services will support emerging Small Businesses in their efforts to achieve operational success. By leveraging our experience and expertise navigating the complexities of DoD compliance, Small Business can access best practices in functional business areas such as:

  • Human Capital Management
  • Finance/Payroll
  • Security Facility Officers (FSOs)
  • Proposal development/management
  • Process Engineering including the application of:
    • 4DX principles
    • SAFe Agile Support and Training
    • Corporate processes documentation using Key Business Events

CohesionForce has a long history of successful software and systems development and we believe our proven small business success can help sharpen other organizations through the sharing of best practices and tested business process efficiencies.

Our shared services model is flexible and can be tailored meet the needs of any organization to successfully guide them toward cost effective solutions that they can utilize for years to come.

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